Friday I’m in love

I thought I had to keep up with Jenny’s Halloween theme here on the blog while showing you the Elf-kitty that Peter Jackson truly will want to use in the next Hobbit movie. Hobbit goes Zoolander. Blu Steele on an Elf. Oh I will now stop my ranting.

This weekend you can come and hang with me at the Hem & Villa fair. I will be in charge over the kids corner called Miniinredarna – mini decorators. Kids will come and make/decorate small boxes, just like mini rooms. Last year over 1000 boxes were made. It was so much fun!I will also give talks on the main stage. The talk is about making kids rooms. Thinks good to think about and hopefully give you some tips! Read more about it here.

Some things I found this week:
I also loved this story about the illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks who started to draw together with her kid. Love the outcome!

Doublefaced – artist Sebastian Bieniek creates wicked cool faces by drawing faces on faces – well just have a look (via johanna)

Halloween pants?

In social media terms this is old news but I thought this HBO trailer was funny.  Was it maybe a little smooth over for the Master of Sex show?

As you probably know by now I’m all in for having playful climbing stuff in the house. But Now I crave one of those giant slides! Maybe as an add-on to our cottage?Ikea will start to sell new gymnastic rings and other stuff as off this fall! But these must be the best.

Have a great week end!


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October 10, 2013 at 10:48

Härligt med rutschkanan! Jag har faktiskt funderat på att sätta upp något slags rör/rutschkana i trappan ned till källaren för att slänga tvätten i. Nu blev jag inspirerad till att försöka gå vidare med min idé.