Stuff that happened yesterday

So. Yesterday was a good a day. I went with my writer Kicki to Copenhagen to visit Sister Brandt´s fun home (Note: Although we share the Brandt name we are not related. We are both “sisterbrandts” though- but unfortunately  not to each other). On the train we met Petter (you´ve met Petter before.. he spraypainted his TV. Hung this and did a cartwheel infront of a stranger for us) Love him!
Ok moving on….
Got off the train and it was raining cats and dogs. Kicki and I dressed in nothing rain-friendly started running apparently loudly to Brandt´s door. She met us in the door before we had a chance to ring the doorbell. She had heard us hollering though the window and thought “That must be the Swedes“. Funny. Kicki and I laughed as we looked like wet dogs in her hallway.

Sabine Brandt handed us her key and left for work. (a key we accidentally took with us back to Sweden.)

Left alone in her home we started working. It was fun and very inspiring. In every home I visit I bring a few new ideas back to my own home. And so was the case here as well. I want a photo wall, badly. More masks. A skeleton hand and I might take up Skateboarding?

As I said before : this was a good day.

To top it all off- on the train back I get a phonecall about a lamp in an ad I´ve been wanting to buy.
A few days back Kicki sent me this text: “Jenny!!!!! search this ad now!- annorlunda+ lampa +Kävling” I get texts like this from Kicki all the time and this time she had found an awesome looking lamp from the 70´s on an hours drive away from my home. Unfortunately it was already booked for someone else. But if that someone did not show up Ingrid, the seller, promised to call me. And she did call me right there on the train on my very good day that just got even better.

So last night as my family was going to sleep I kissed Viola good night and whispered “mommy is gonna go get us a new lamp”. I headed out the door and took off into the night. Like a cowboy. A thrifting cowboy in a Volvo.


Stay tuned for a picture of the lamp. I just have to get my camera ready.


UPDATE: Here is a picture of the lamp



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September 19, 2013 at 10:44

What a day! The last words Viola heard before falling asleep: mommy is gonna go get us a new lamp. Love it!

Jenny Brandt
September 19, 2013 at 10:48
– In reply to: Kicki

ska bara plåta den nu så alla får se underverket.