Summer! friday! I’m in love

Friday! Hurray!
I have found great stuff on the interweb last week here are some of them!

But first I want to talk about me. I’m still not tired although sure I slept last night but not as much as I thought I would do after a night sleepwalking.
Jenny is preparing to go to New York and to even out this “blast of a trip” she’s been ill all week. Poor thing. I have found great stuff on the interweb last week here are some!

Calm and Assertive: My husband always try to use the Cesar Millan “the dog whisperer”  tricks on the kids. Now I got this very funny and most interesting NY Times article about a wife that employs animal training techniques on her hubby.

Vintage Weddings: In Sweden there are now some easier ways to get that perfect personal and vintage touch to your weddings. At Tablestories  you can rent old china and tableware for you parties. And lovely Elsa Billgren rents out very wonderful vintage and second hand wedding dresses.

Another way of tying the knot: I fell in love with these pillows from the brand Umemi.

A bit of the woods: Sometimes I think there is just simply no end to the talent of this fine little day lady Elisabeth. These shakers are crazy good.

And a girl in the jungle: Also liked to read about this little girl who basically grew up in the wild – a bit like mowgli.

Forgotten but truly beautiful: these amazing 30 abandoned places around the globe. WOW.

RIP little mermaid: I remember so vividly watching old Esther Williams movies when I was a kid and then longing to watch them again. She past away last week but just take a minute and look at these amazing productions! Also buy her amazing swimwear right here.

Now I’m heading for the wood!
Have a great weekend!


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Prylutmaningen /Johanna
June 14, 2013 at 12:16

Alltså bilderna på de bortglömda platserna. Så vackert och fantastiskt att naturen verkar ha tagit över dessa platser.