Corsica part 2. Les Suédois fous

Bonjour madame – how you’ve been?
Great thanks. Just got back from a week in Corsica. Love that place. Such a beautiful, cool island! The colors are magnificent and the mountains high, the water clear and the food great.

How come you go there all the time?
Well hold your horses, not every year but this is the second time. We actually went just the same week last year. To the same spot. for me this is kind of annoying since I like to feel unique and the world is so large -there are so many places to see. But you know, we liked the island. It worked great with the kids. And we rented a car so we could go around a bit more this time. And I even met one of our blog readers – that was cool!

So what was the best this time?
Apart from just hanging with the family- I mean travel does something  with us. We bond and are nicer to each other. I also think the kids grow alot from traveling so that’s cool. Other than that It must have been the mussels me and Beppe ate almost each day. That I jumped that cliff. And for me it did wonders not to be connected. We only had Internet at breakfast and I so needed a break from it all. Also I love the iron blinds they have at this hotel. The kids slept until 8- 8.30 every morning instead of 0500 that they do at home…

Did you use that balcony you always book for you and hubby to sit on and drink wine and talk half night?
Well the intention is good n’est ce- pas?

But you read some books?
Of course! Where did you go Bernadette by Maria Semple.  A funny, cool and interesting layout of a book. I kroppen min by Kristian Gidlund – he is a Swedish writer and drummer who has terminal cancer and he writes/blogs about it and now it’s a book and damn life can be hard. ( Läs Rebeckas brev till Kristian). And Also a chic lit I found at the hotel – Bookeends by Jane Green. Like eating a bag of candy kind of book. We also watched a season of Game of Thrones. Wow I have a new favorite, When it started I watched but without subtitles and I must say I didn’t understand it at all. Found it slow and boring. But then I gave it another shot and now I love it. What I love most is that you can’t be sure of any character. They are not black or white but have a really broad spectra. And the costume are fantastic. Want more all the time. I still have most of season 3 to watch so – yay!

Tell me now you must have extraordinary tales from the trip.
Not really. It was just easy life and I love it. I did see some cows and some funky lizards.

Now you are back in Stockholm and life goes on?
Yeah but only for a week then we’ll move to our cabin for the summer! Can’t wait.


More from Corsica here & there will be more, much more all week long.






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Jenny from DosFamily
June 10, 2013 at 16:47

love the questions and answers!

also the camera seams to have been a great buy. pics look great!

Isabelle McAllister
June 11, 2013 at 21:49
– In reply to: Jenny from DosFamily


June 11, 2013 at 16:53

Moules frites! Good choice!

Isabelle McAllister
June 11, 2013 at 21:48
– In reply to: stephanie

Yes, Moules frites FTW!