Week 9 of Dosfaily Running Club

For you that follow the program you have come a long way!
I tested My body in the woods this week and it seems to get back om track. Still not as strong as I would like but still going. Anyway, better than before!

Good luck to you all!

Week 9
Warm up before all workouts:
Copy week 6 or choose a favorite.

Stretch after every workout:
Choose favorite moves from early weeks. Keep in mind that calves, hip flexor, front thighs, rear thighs, outer thighs and buttocks are important to stretch after every running workout.

3 sessions / week

Day 1: Hill – Give me a climb
Do the warm up really good and then jog for 20 mins.
Pick a hillside. You can choose a suitable accessible hill (treadmill or stairs is also an option). You decide length, slope and height of the hill.

Attack the hill in total for 12 minutes. Run quickly upwards and walk down as many times as you accomplish in 12 minutes. Short and shallow slope means many repetitions, long or steep hill fewer repetitions etc. So you have a choice where you according to taste and environment control today’s workout.

End with 10-15mins jog/powerwalk.

All together 42-47 mins

Day 2: Feel the distance
Start with 5 mins slow jogging.
Then continue with 20 mins jogging/running
Jog slow for 3 mins.
Jog/run for 15 mins.
Jog slow for 3 mins.
Jog/run for 15 mins.
Walk for 5 mins or more

All together 66 mins

Day 3: Now its time to jog or run a little bit longer
If you feel fresh and strong I would like you to try keep on jogging och running for 8k OR for 50-60mins in a row. If 8k is too long don’t worry! You can continue the workout in a low tempo. Have 8k in mind and try. If its too hard slow down and walk for some minutes and start jogging or running again but continue until you have reached 8k or 50-60mins. Don’t care about the tempo, instead focus on length OR time, still you gonna get a really good workout

All together 50-65 mins

Have fun and reward yourself!


Thanks to coach Kvitter Javelin for this great program!

And for all the earlier sessions go here.

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May 13, 2013 at 10:56

Take care everybody & have fun!!!!!

:) <3 Kvitter