Driving down memory lane

I’ve been having The Sweet Dreams tune in my head and in my boombox ever since watching that couple singing it by the pump station from last week. This also made me dream back to when Eurythmics where huge and Annie Lennox was the coolest gal on two feet. (still is very cool). I remember we had a summer house just outside Stockholm and the neighbors daughter was equally cool. I must have been around 10 and she was 14 and gorgeous. Very knowing of all compared to me. She had a full new body and long hair. Wow Johanna was my idol. She had this grey hip hopish boom box with a built in Walkman or Freestyle as we used to say in Sweden. And she listened to all this cool music that I had never heard about. Sometimes she gave me mixed tapes. Since she was stuck with her dad at the summerhouse and I was the closest thing to a real girl friend we hung out. She told me about the world and I eagerly sucked it all in. Damn, I wanted a boom box so much and the later got a very good but not as cool cassette player (Do you remember sony sports – it was water proof. Not that anybody dared to try and how would I use it?)

Those where the days!

This is how cool Annie was!

and this is me. Apparently I found this elevator maintenance note in our elevator.  Edited it with some Tip ex and put it back up.
It says: “Just a minute! Service is going on. Isabelle will soon be back at your service ”

I must say a very creative idea…


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Jenny Brandt
May 21, 2013 at 12:06

haha! I love Annie as well. I even tried her supershort hair for a while. did not look as cool on me(NOTATALL).
however guys stopped hitting on me (not that many to begin with) and girls started to. So it was still an interesting era.