Week 4 Dosfamily Running Club

Howdie runners!

How are you all? How is it going?
You know for all of you out there that still want to start – just do it as one brand is telling us all the time! Here you can find everything from the running club – the previous weeks schedules, clothes for running etc.

For me this week has been hard. I’ve been on holiday alone with the kids. Really tired. But next week is going to be awesome…

I had a long talk with Kvitter. She told me she never used to be a long distance runner. But then she started and now it’s like it’s hard to to sprints instead (we’ll with her I don’t really believe it). I was also complaining that I have this invincible barrier at like 30-40 minutes. Like it seems like I can’t run faster or longer. Kvitter tells me that the hardest part is like 3-4 km even 5km for her. Then after that she gets her second wind and it’s when she enters the mediative state and can go on for hours…
So my goal right now is to just reach that part. Push it so far.

So my friends here comes Week 4  of the Dos Running club:

Warm up before all workouts:
5min quick walk
Use this warm up video.
(Or the exercises from the earlier weeks. Or mix.)
Add 20 dragon for stability.

Stretch after every workout:
Same as week 2
Or if you like yoga you can follow this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGm6CtQwD08

3 sessions / week

Day 1: Feel the need for speed – interval training
5 min quick walking or slow jogging to start with then every 200meters (or if its difficult with meters you can count steps approximately 200steps, or 4 lamp posts) you change tempo by using intervals: walking or slow jogging if you can – fast walking or jog faster or run if you can. Do this for 30mins and then walk and jog down for a few minutes.

Day 2: Run up that hill!
Do the warm up really good and jog (or power walk) for 10 minutes.
Pick a hillside, not to steep, about 30-40 meters long. If you don’t find a hill you can use stairs.
Run that hill/stairs up as fast as you can and walk down. Do it again for about 10 times. You have to listen to your body and don’t work too hard but your heart should work hard but also be able to recover a bit on the way down. End with 10-15mins jog/powerwalk.

If you feel 5 times in the hill/stairs is enough it’s all right but walk or run afterwards for 15mins or more.
If you feel you add some reps at the hill/stairs you welcome to do some more ;)

Day 3:
2mins quick walking – 3mins jog –
2mins quick walking – 4mins jog –
2mins quick walking – 5mins jog –
2mins quick walking – 6mins jog –
2mins quick walking – 5mins jog –
2mins quick walking – 4mins jog –
2mins quick walking – 3mins jog –
2mins quick walking
total of 46min

Good Luck!

Feel free to comment on eachothers questions or thought. And if you have a question to coach Kvitter Javelin just comment below!


Ps, two inspirational blogs about running (in Swedish but you can google translate them I guess)
Rockn’roll Running – I don’t know how she does it. Work, family and all that running but she makes me wanna run more.
Sofia Springer – Swedish girl in New York – runs with style, always in a dress and travels the world.


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April 7, 2013 at 23:06

Awesome pic!!
Inpiration big time :)

Wish you all a lovely running week.

jonna d
April 8, 2013 at 14:27

Detta är så himla skoj och att hänga med i denna running club har fått mig mer taggad än någonsin.
För någon dag sedan fick jag nys om loppet Söder Runt 10km, som går av stapeln den 16 juni, nästan exakt 10 veckor efter att denna running club startades (eller kanske mer 13 veckor men vad spelar det för roll). Så för er som bor i Stockholm med omnejd, häng med och spring detta lopp. Vad kan vara en bättre avslutning på det här lilla projektet än att springa ett riktigt lopp? Jag är redan anmäld och utmanar er alla!!!
Mer info finner ni i mitt senaste inlägg:
//jonna d

April 8, 2013 at 15:40
– In reply to: jonna d

Åh Jonna vilken bra idé. Jag är så rädd för lopp bara men det kommer väl. Kanske bara ska anmäla helt enkelt! Heja

jonna d
April 9, 2013 at 16:40
– In reply to: Isabelle

Jag är också normalt sett jätte rädd för lopp och har aldrig någonsin deltagit i något, men jag fick ett spontant ryck och anmälde mig. Tycker att du och alla andra borde göra detsamma. Nervositeten inför loppet gör än ännu mer peppad och det är så himla skoj att känna hur man blir bättre och bättre. Så häng med!!!
//jonna d

April 9, 2013 at 22:54
– In reply to: Isabelle

Do it do it Isabelle!