Friday I’m in love

Cat Power – Manhattan on you Tube

Now I want you to press play on the video above. Close your eyes and smell spring, the possibility of love that only spring can promise and be a bit happy about life!
And I mean the smell of spring which smells like cold seawater warming up not the smell of dog shit that actually is some sort of minerals that the earth produce when the ground frost melts.
It has been a good week. My head is still full of the adventures me and Jenny did this week but it’s some sort of great high!

Also thinking about Cat power make me dream of her cover Wild is the wind that I first time heard on a beach outside Rio de Janeiro. I stood in the shallow water and looked at the horizon feeling truly happy and someone just put some headphones over my ears with this tune. Such a great memory. Also love the original version (I think) by yet another favorite of mine Nina Simone and the Bowie version.

Yesterday I saw this amazing talk by Jessi Arrington (above), she is a loud and colorful designer from Brooklyn with great view on life. It was perfect for me to see and I truly recommend it! Also check out her blog

Also I do enjoy all the pintrest boards of graphic designer Malin Ringsby

This weekend I’m doing a pottery class at Manos in Stockholm. The only thing I kind of know and think about pottery making is from the movie Ghost with Swayze and Demi Moore so I guess I’m in for a surprise!

Also found this Finish blog with good tips – Bambula.

And I’m kind of obsessed with going to Positano this summer but all the hotels that I want to book don’t want any kids under 10 – which should be a sign that maybe I need to change my plans. Got this one recommendation but I do not dare look at the price tag – yet.

Hope you’ll have a great weekend!


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ida rud
April 12, 2013 at 18:45

Wild is the wind is such an amazing song. I love all the versions I’ve heard – inclusive this Johnny Mathis one (maybe the original?)

April 13, 2013 at 03:57

I love both of those songs & the video makes me want to be back in NYC. Can’t wait to read all about your pottery class!

April 14, 2013 at 11:51

Thank you thank you thank you for the tip about Jesse Arrington’s amazing talk, so inspiring and just what I needed! What a lovely lady. Manhattan is now my sunday soundtrack :)