The DosFamily Bear and Viola at SciFiWorld in Malmö Part 3 -Some pictures of great people

This is the final part from our visit at SciFiWorld in Malmö. Read Part 1 here! and Part 2 here!

Let´s talk a little bit more about the people who got all dressed up and went to the Sci Fi world meet up in Malmö a couple of weeks ago. Viola and I were only there for a few hours and I am sure there were many more showing up later during the meet up.

Many of the people we met had home made costumes, like this girl. She even put a mp3 player in the music box and told us the sad and scary story about her character “Drocell Cainz”

Some guests wore a tail.

Just as we were leaving we saw this kid in the line to the wardrobe. Not only did he check in his winter coat but also his shoes. That is the kind of dedication that impresses me and Viola and we had to ask for a photo. He made the tie and the coat and hat from duct tape. He also had a thermos of coffee with him.

This girl came as Venellope from Wreck It Ralph. Viola wants stickers on her hair all the time now.

We also met some super vixens that clearly had joined the Dark Side. They had ordered some badges from Japan to complete their home made Star Wars costumes.

Mad Moxxi, Viola and “I´m just being myself” to the right.

A Trekkie with his very awesome looking friend and Viola.

Luigi from the world of Mario.

“We are just from Falkenberg” these wicked women told us.


WHY? I love people who has an obsession. I headed for the annual SciFiWorld in Malmö hoping to find some of them, to take their picture and be inspired by their “let´s go all out” attitude.
WHAT? The annual SciFiWorld is a meeting place for scifi-folks and gamers and regular movie buffs.
HOW? With the Bear packed in my bag and a autograph note book in Viola´s we drove to Malmö for the SciFiWorld meet up. We hoped for lots of inspiration, some good photo opportunities and a few autographs.

I could not fit everything into these two parts, so there will be a Part 3 later this week.

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I love this! Such amazing people and outfits!