Some More Great Opening Credits

Earlier this month Isabelle showed you her favourit intros and here are a few of mine.  This is a topic close to my heart and therefore it has taken me a lot of thought.Today I feel confident that I have found a good mix of things I like.

Pour your self a cup of coffee. Put your feet up and enjoy.

Bigger Stronger Faster. Documentary by Chris Bell

This documentary about steroids does not only have a lot of home video clips from the 80´s it also has a great intro. Chris Bell talks us through how he saw the world as a kid, a view distorted by TV. I recognize the passion in his voice from my own. This is how you talk about TV when you have been seduced by it early in your life.
If you are not able to see the video above, here is a direct link.


The Pick Of Destiny
We are big fans of Tenacious D in our house. The people responsible for this intro deserves to be pampered with daily sponge baths and served suger on top of every meal. The casting of Meat Loaf as an abusive father and Dio as the mentor is smashing. But even better: the kid who plays a young Jack Black is beyond ass-kicking.
PS. If you are desperately seeking for some interior inspiration from this post – Check out how everything in the decor of the kitchen and dining room is blue. So very David Lachapelle.

If you are not able to see the video above, here is a direct link.


Miami Vice. I enjoy this intro today just as much as I did as a kid.
If you are not able to see the video above, here is a direct link.

Psycho By Alfred Hitchcock
This intro has you totally stressed after just a minute. Promising  you: “Oh just you wait, it will get a lot worse! ”
When Psycho hit the theaters Hitchcock did not allow any late admissions.  You either saw the film from the very beginning, or you didn’t see it all. Signs appeared in front of cinemas reading:

We won’t allow you to cheat yourself. You must see PSYCHO from the very beginning. Therefore, do not expect to be admitted into the theater after the start of each performance of the picture. We say no one — and we mean no one — not even the manager’s brother, the President of the United States, or the Queen of England (God bless her)


If you are not able to see the video above, here is a direct link.

Some other intro´s that I´d like to mention: The Shining  , thrilling. The sexy sci fi opening scene with Jane Fond in Barbarella. Great Graphics in Catch me If You Can. And the brutal Gummo.
Oh, almost forgot. Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Kill!. If you are Russ Meyer you can afford a spoken intro, cause you know there will be plenty of action later on.

Okay just one more.. The Melrose Place intro    This painted the perfect picture to me of what being an adult must be like. Lucky for me I did not marry a doctor who wants to run me over with his car. I did however become a photographer just like Jo. yaay!


I could go on all day.


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isabelle McAllister
February 27, 2013 at 23:24

love this! Can’t wait to get back to better internet and watch it all