Oh winter, I still kind of love you

I was so damn tired of gray, dirty hard snow in the city but then I went to Åre for work and I changed my mind… Just being in the mountains and feeling like a skibum completely changed my mind. Ok. I still crave some warm sun and I’m over it already but still. If you gonna have any chance of surviving winter you simply have to go all in! I even did a snow angel almost naked in the snow!

Erik also went all in to nature. Exposing all kinds of body parts for the greater need. Just like the dog he is.

Sometimes it was hard knowing if I was going up the hill or down.

I’m happy we found some time to hit the slopes. Work hard – play hard.

Loved some details at Fjällgården. Like this antler lamp from Lapland Wild Design!

Now this week – I have sports vacation – right now with sick kids in our cabin. I’ll be back soon!




Ps, thanks for all your fantastic mails about working with us! We will get back to you all very soon hopefully within the week! Love to meet and see what all you talented people out there are doing and love hearing from some old friends as well. kisses to y’all.