February on DosFamily

Dear February!
Today is your last day. During your 28 days we have felt many things. We have also created 36 post for our digital BFF ,this blog.

Here are some highlights on Dos Family F E B R U A R Y  E D I T I O N

1. Jenny photographed yet another home. Dos Visits Klara Ripa.

2. More posts with the tag “Life At Isabelle´s House” and “Life at Jenny´s house

3. Jenny´s photographed her laundry a friends books in stacks and details of Emilia´s home.

4.  Isabelle danced to this and screamed to this. More artwork for Swedish House Mafia came from Jenny´s house

5. Isabelle and Jenny watched their favorite intro´s on youtube. Here is Isabelle´s list and here is Jenny´s

6. Some L O V E in the spirit of February: Isabelle and Erik might be the prettiest couple around. Jenny and Jens loves music. And a cute Valentines Card-DIY and Jenny´s sister got married in Las Vegas.

7. Also Jenny´s love affair with a sofa had a happy ending.

8. Isabelle was on TV giving you the step by step on making your own H E A D B O A R D -D I Y.  She also gave us some behind the scenes on TV4

9. Jenny also photographed some more kidsroom. Details from a room with pink floor and one inspired by the forest and a clever hiding place.

10. Isabelle visited Göteborg, while wearing a spider. Met Fine Little Day & Red Stuga. And shopped at Artelleriet and went to Borås for some behind the scenes on wallpaper making.

February 28 days – 36 post. See them all here!
PS: Photo of me by me. And animation and doodles by Jens Grönberg BFD

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February 28, 2013 at 19:31

grymt coolt!! snygg frisyr och tröja!

Madelein – Mother of six
February 28, 2013 at 21:56

Haha, hilarious :-)

Isabelle McAllister
March 1, 2013 at 01:09

the wicked witch of the south! I’ll go for a ride on your broome any day!