Behind the scenes at the TV morning show

I took some images from my morning at work at the morning show- Nyhetsmorgon when I was there Saturday. Read more about it here or watch the full clip.

06.12 I had set the alarm om 06.12 but everytime I set the alarm I wake some minutes before. How is it so? Weird.

06.30 The cab came to pick me up. It was a kind and funny man driving. And yes- you smart readers see that the headboard was already finished here?! But it’s Tv folks- everything is fake! Since it’s a live show- I can’t afford to not get it finished so I made two headboards – you can see them together in this photo. But can you see in the clip that the two are different sizes?

06.40 I love going in the tunnel under town at early morning or at night. Feels like the movies.

06.50 The morning show is called Nyhetsmorgon and is on TV4, one of our major TV-networks in Sweden.

06.53 When I started doing Tv in Sweden some 10 years ago (yes, I did a TV-show in Belgium before that) I started on TV4. With a show called Sicksack. A fashion/sewing show. At the time they had large posters of some of the hosts in the reception area. I remember when it was our shows time. How damn proud I was – being up on that wall.

06.58 This is the studio. Before going to make up I just had to check that I had all the stuff I needed. Like a bed.

07.25 make up almost done and I’m starting to wake up. Normally I always do my own make up so it’s a real luxury doing this show and getting some help. Guess it’s even more needed so early in the morning.

07.35 This is the studio hostess and I’m sorry I can’t remember her name. She greets all the guest and have control over where and when we are supposed to be in make up, on set or getting a cab.

07.55 One of the camera guys is chilling before it all is getting started.

08.09 And now we are live! Me and the great host Jesper Börjesson. Watch the full clip here.

08.22 Down time during the commercials.

08.23 A multi tasking camera woman!

08.28 All the news studio parts is right next to each other. The cameras just have to turn around.

08.29 The weather green screen. On the small screens you can see how the weather map really looks like. The question remains- do we ever get some spring?

09.35 I took a little run up to the control room. Here everything is put together. On the left is Maria who was the boss this morning.

09.40 There where lots of guest during the morning but I somehow forgot to take their photo’s -guess I was working. Filippa Reinfeldt was there, she used to be the first lady. And another guest was the actor Gustaf Skarsgård. In this image you can see Jesper together with Annika Leone from the newspaper Expressen and the artist Patrik Isaksson they discussed news from the entertainment world.

10.42 Every satruday there is a musical guest – this time it was Sibille Attar. I like her alot!

11.30 Done for today. I liked the hair bow I had in my hair. And yes- the headboard is classic but I like it. The sheets are from H&M Home.







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Jenny at dos family
February 19, 2013 at 16:28

a tv lover, like myself, just have to looovvee this.
Happy you took the time to take these pics

Julie VW
February 19, 2013 at 17:50

Nice to see how everything looks behind the scenes! Now I’m curious though, what was the Belgian tv show?

Isabelle McAllister
February 19, 2013 at 19:58
– In reply to: Julie VW

Julie- het was a show called “pas geverfed” op Brt1. Martine Preenen was de host. Ik had geen haar, sprakt gebroken vlaams en was er 2 saisonen bij.