More xmas gifts

A couple of days left for Christmas. Maybe you all found your gifts but I’m thinking of the best things my kids has at home. Good gifts that will last.

The absolute best thing we have at home for the kids are these Gymnastic rings. I know I talk about them and use them in every other interior I make but if I quit my job I will be happy going on a world tour promoting having gymnastic rings at home for all kids. My kids are using them all the time and has been since they where small. Beppe my youngest could barley stand and then he was on it. All their friends love them and they are doing so many different kind of games with it. Ikea used to sell it but stopped now in Sweden you can buy different but good ones here. Don’t buy the small cheap iron ones just go for the real deal. The small ones is painful and boring. Also a lot of people are afraid to hang them in the ceiling but I promise somewhere up there, there will be a structure to hold them. A roof needs beams to hold so they are there even if there is 10 cm of plaster first. Me and my 100 kg hubby also hang in rings now and then to be sure they are still holding.
Again this is so good for giving the kids strength and for developing their motor skills!

I got a mail today asking about this baby – the superscooter from Mini Micro. It’s really good and works from when they are about 1,5 or at least on my kids. Worth every penny and a great gift. In Sweden you can find them on sport sites and I know xxl sports have them as well. Read more about it in this post.

This summer we went to Corsica for a week and I found these diving treasures that I don’t think they sell anymore but the thing is it’s easy to make yourself and it will be a great gift. The year before I just took some small coins that I had and made up a story about pirates – that gave the kids a fun way to get used to water by collecting them. But you can also make a little pouch with some stones, mosaics, coins, prisms maybe a old necklace. And then make them dive for it!






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Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag
December 21, 2012 at 03:10

AWESOME!! Merry, Happy Christmas to you!! xoxoxo

December 21, 2012 at 23:17

You too Melissa! And thank you for cheering us on all year! It means so much to us!!!!! Big love isabelle