What about energy? 3 – i like to move it, move it

Energy tip numero tres – move your butt!

Exercise is a big thing for the energy. We all know this but it’s so damn hard sometimes. Also when you have a busy schedule it feels like you don’t have the time to do it. But if you do it you get it back double up! I like Zumba (even the home dvd works good), I’m learning to run, I wrote a little about it here I’m still write learn to run since I find it God damn boring but still it’s addictive and what I like most about it is the freedom. Of being able to do it everywhere and anytime. I also like boxing. This autumn has been hard because I have been having some sort of never ending flu so I haven’t been doing any working out in week. Besides this week. Now my new tactic is to outrun the sickness. Wish me luck!

Some starters tip:
Just start. Take a walk, take some time for your self, just run but don’t bother if it’s far or quick pace or that you sometimes stop and look at the view  – (that’s called stretching – your mind at least).Or go with a program like this one from Sofia or this one, join runkeeper and compete with your self – find out whats good for you.

But make good goals. Why are you doing this?
For me it’s because I don’t want to be a stiff tart when I’m old. And I want to think it’s fun to get all sweaty  – cause it is. And keep your goals sane. Don’t over do it in the beginning.

Good Gear – well call me a Snob but I kind of moved up my game when I had good shoes, pants that didn’t fall to my knees at every stride and a good armholder for my Iphone. Now I want everything from this collection – I’m so into technical gear – lightweight downs and such. I’m so happy that sportsgear is getting a more fun and designed touch than before!

Listen to good stuff.
I like listening to podcasts rather than music. But Emi from the excellent blog Letters from the end consumer has a good Spotify running list (on her blogroll you also find Rocknroll running but that blog is in Swedish) and I like the playlist I made for the birth of Beppe. I called push it.

Just do it!

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Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag
November 2, 2012 at 19:08

My husband and I have been getting back into a fitness regime — we’ve been trying to walk an hour for as many days during the work week that we can, he works from home, so that helps with scheduling. There’s also a hill behind our house that we hike up sometimes, that is HARD — we want to not be falling apart on our daughter when we’re older… :)