Friday I’m in love

This week has been all about trying to figure out what the Frankenstorm is up to, what to do when the kids have school holiday and how to drive in lots of snow with only summer tyres. It has also been a week with early mornings (0500 – really unhealthy)  since my kids are totally off schedule and bananas with us changing to winter time. I hope all of you on the east coast are doing alright after the storm? We decided to postpone our trip to NYC for another week hoping it will be better then. I’m also really happy with all the family photo’s we got from you lovely readers. I want to know everything about you and also so nice to get a face behind comments and such – Thanks!
My head is starting to feel dizzy so over and out for this week!
Kisses Isabelle

Things I loved this week:

Jenny suddenly appearing in the storm in America??!!

White Camo netting could be great for patio shade!

Darth Tater aka mr potatohead. The best of two worlds! I need to buy this for my son.

Beautiful kids free E-mag Lille Nord

Photographers Gallery – love these pools! It’s one thing I’m constantly dreaming of – having my own pool!

Pappa the rapper – japanese father rapping about his kids.
Found on the blog daddytypes.

Swedish Bloglove:
Riazzoli, Husligheter and Hello Tiger.
Actually Tiger has like hundreds of blogs:
Hello kiddo, DIY or Die and From Scandinavia with love



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Jenny at dos family
November 2, 2012 at 20:57

What?! I did not see any cameras while i was out jogging

Jenny at dos family
November 2, 2012 at 20:59

And also i need the darth mask for My mr potatis

Jenny at dos family
November 2, 2012 at 21:01

I keep hiting “submit comment ” before i’m ready :
Last thing;
Love the gummo- like pictures in the Woods