Cabins for rent in Höör and Sjöbo photographed by me

I live way down south in Sweden, in Skåne. It is beautiful and I love it here. This summer I was hired by Skånska Landskap. A foundation that works to preserve large areas of Nature in Skåne. And keep them accessible for people who want to enjoy the landscape.
They also offer cabins for rent. And this is where I come into the picture.

On their land there are several cabins, some of them have been around for ages and this summer they got a well deserved makeover. My friend Kicki Wieslander was hired for the planing and the decorating. From old ragged 70´s interior-sauna style into modern cabins with a mix of vintage. Super sweet and homey.
When they were done I was hired to document them. And let me tell you they are perfect for the urban family who wants to escape the city for a weekend of walks in the woods-listening to birds and giving the kids some space to run around outside.

Some Facts: They have cabins for rent in  Snogeholm, Between Ystad and Sjöbo. Snogeholm has woods, lakes where you can fish and a castle. (Snogeholm is close to where we live and we go there for walks in the woods) Only 1 hours drive from Malmö.
They also offer cabins in Fulltofta, Höör. Close to Naturcentrum where you can ride horses , hike and they also have activities for your kids like a quiz in the woods- detective style. 1 hours drive from Malmö.

Price example:
A cabin like Raftarp in Snogeholm , Sjöbo, holds 6-8 people and cost 1800 SEK for a weekend.
A cabin like Jägarbostaden in Fulltofta , Höör, holds 6-8 people 1900 SEK for a weekend. Discount given to those with JOJO cards. read more here!