My preparing for long winter week

I’m actually nesting like I was pregnant again which I’m not even though I have cravings like never before. But I feel the winter coming and I’m trying to get ready. Thats why I bought an old womens hairdressers sign and a gymnastics vault. I REALLY needed these – ok?

I flew down to the south of Sweden for two days. One I spent with Jenny planning the Dosfamily fall. We basically sat at this all organic coffeehouse all day- it’s called Chez Madame. Loved it! And look how they styled the classic Ikea Ivar shelf- simply by adding bars at the side and painting them- lovely! then I spend the night on Jenny’s couch.

The other day in Malmö, I had a photo shoot for Ica for our party collaboration. Me and Ann where doing Christmas and the location was an old barn. So cold, so cold. If you look at the second picture you can see how I was wearing my old tracksuit bottoms around my ankles for a quick warm getaway in all the pauses…

Lately I have been acting like a maniac about sorting out all the winter gear for the family. I don not want another winter living in Sweden being cold. So I think I finally found a great jacket. The even better thing is that it’s last seasons Acne so it comes with a good price! Yay! How come there are basically no good warm jackets? Hello designers there is a gap in the market here!

I ended the week by letting the kids soak at my dads place and we went to a party at the steakhouse Griffins in Stockholm.The owner Christian Hellberg is now on a master chief duel show here in Sweden. I ate a lot of tuna which later showed  was steak tartare… Not a good idea for a vegetarian like myself. But it was really tasty!

Thats all for now- later skater!



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October 9, 2012 at 19:59

Jag håller med på jackfronten! Var är alla varma jackor??
Isabelle: Ja jag har verkligen lusat marknaden- helt tomt!

October 11, 2012 at 20:26

Right there with you about getting ready for winter. I live in Montreal, Quebec, and temperatures here can dip below -30. If you were living in Canada, I’d suggest getting a Kanuk jacket, they are rated by temperature, have a really good guarantee program (including free repairs, etc…) But, otherwise, have you looked at Burton jackets? They produce snowboard gear, but also have really good winter jackets for just going out. They also group them according to temperature. Good luck.
Isabelle – thanks for the tip will check it out! It gets as low s -30 here too when I’m at my cabin. I mean you can find kick as good winter gear but they all kind of look the same and kind of boring. I have Burton gear for skiing but I find it gets too sporty when I’m in town…

Jenny Dos Family
October 12, 2012 at 09:27

Beppe och Della är så sjukt lika! Tror nästan jämt att det är en gammal bild av della du lagt upp när det egentligen är Beppe

October 13, 2012 at 20:12

I had a similar experience at my mom’s house yesterday. She is always freaking out about what to cook for me since I became an strict vegetarian (I only allow my self to drink milk, eat eggs and cheese any other animal products are not an option for me).

So she thought I will do an spaguetti al pomodoro for her. I sat down to eat dinner with her (I was so happy because pomodoro sauce is my favorite). I ate the first bite of it and something felt weirdly similar to meat.

And I asked my mother if she used natural tomatoes along with a can sauce or something and she said yes. Frak me man, the thing had tiny pieces of meat. I then proceed to remove what I could.

I was not going to stop eating it will be a waste of a good meal, a waste of the live of this animal that died.

I thanked her for her effort, later on I started feeling very sick to my stomach (*___*)