Book tip – Isabelle reads (or drools) over Jonas Cramby’s Tex Mex från grunden

Tex Mex från Grunden av Jonas Cramby

I don’t know what it is about this guy but only by reading his blog I just want to be his friend. Or kind of want to be a man who in a manly manner could hang out with him Bromance style. It’s like I get another posture – more cowboyish with my brow slightly raised, laugh out loud for the small funny stuff he writes (but I use a kind of darker more muttering laugh) and I feel the need for meat. Do keep in mind that I’m a vegetarian.
So he is a great writer and I love the book. Great images and the Tex Mex food looks delicious! I still have to cook some out of the book. But isn’t that the thing with cooking books – half of the thing is actually just having them not using them. But someday I will do it.
I bought it for Eriks birthday but couldn’t wait (I can never wait with gifts – why? It’s only 2 weeks!! And now I have to find new stuff for him… gaah). You can buy the book here!

On Chez Cramby right now he writes about an upcoming roadtrip and post this Lana Del Ray video. Very nice. That swing in the beginning – oh it’s a dream!

Some nachos from the book – this image is by: Roland Persson.
Yeah  – give me some meat right away!