New Toy – Bamboo drawing pen

I love technical stuff and want to buy everything but thats not healthy, good for the environment or my wallet. BUT when I was working at Ikea last week one of the product developers had this Bamboo Stylus for Ipad and it simply looked so swell that I had to buy one for myself.

They come in many different colors and costs about 300 kronor or 22 dollars. I really like the feeling of it. I’m no expert at drawing but I need to do it in my job. Actually how longer I work with what I’m doing my drawing skillz are getting worse. I don’t understand this guess I’m too much in a hurry – getting sloppy.
I will tell you later if I use it all the time or if I go back to ordinary paper… You never know but I can tell you it looks promising!

I got the recommendation to use Noteshelf. You don’t need a pen for it but it’s better. And if you just want to write stuff it works too. You can save all your projects in different notebooks on your shelfs and even email the notebooks if you want to share them. It also possible to choose what kind of paper that you want as background etc. As you can see it’s also possible to import photos and draw on them.

Anyway for all you skilled Bamboo pen users out there – I wonder if you know a program for this pen where the tip is more sensitive – so it’s possible to start to draw a line and then when you ease up the line it goes from black to white if you know what I mean? Or is the pen simply made for a flat line?

For the computer I use this Bamboo pen tablet and connect it to Photoshop. I don’t find this one really easy. It’s so much fun but harder to learn how to draw next to the screen and also since my Ps knowledge is kind of small (it’s a huge Ps world out there) I have to work harder to get nice results – but eventually I learn. This tablet costs about 550 kronor or 63 Dollares.


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Joacim / Matkoma
September 19, 2012 at 16:04

Med ProCreate kan man göra det du är ute efter, spana in den på

Annars gillar jag verkligen att kladda i Paper (från FiftyThree)

September 19, 2012 at 17:12
– In reply to: Joacim / Matkoma

Toppen tack Joacim – Paper är jättesnygg men det finns fler bra features i Noteshelf. skulle dock vilja ha papers foton på böckerna samt vattenfärgspenna men i noteshelf!
DEn andra måste jag spana in. Isabelle