Sponsor collaboration – Brown Prince Jewellry at Blog’nhagen

One of the stops we made at Blognhagen was to meet Brown Prince Jewellry. They have a fascinating story of how they make their jewellery. Basically it’s from an African nut called Umukoko. It looks like and have about the same density as ivory  – they told us. They collect them from the ground and then begin the process of carving them into jewellry. They also try to use everything from the nut in the process and to help local artist with work and education – it all sounds lika a really good project.

The second photo is from a nut I brought home from Copenhagen. First the white nut looked like a little hairy coconut then we pealed of the skin – it was very difficult but we made it at the end. After that I used some fine sandpaper and now the nut is shiny and so soft. A very cool material!

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July 18, 2012 at 15:21

oooooo! I like how you’re breaking it up into different parts!!! Mine are coming soon too!