Decorating like Jerry and Roberta

I enjoy both Superman and Seinfeld so having a Superman figure in my kitchen (just like Jerry does) has always felt like a “must have”. This one I bought for a buck on Ebay. We used to have a magnet on our fridge like the one behind Elaine  as well but it got lost somehow.

PS: Preparing for this post I found this fun page saying that “there is a rumor that Seinfeld has a Superman reference in every episode. Trying to find these references has become a sport of sorts for Seinfeld and Superman fans alike. Some references are quite vague and take a little imagination to make the connection, but some references are more obvious.”  Read more about how to find them here!

Below Elaine is complaining about a dog barking all night long-Kramer eventually talks her into kidnapping the dog (doing so she dresses up as some kind of kid from 21 Jump Street, it´s funny.)


Last week I jumped of my couch pointing at the Tv screen, joyfully stating that Roberta of “Desperately Seeking Susan” has the exact same porcelain cow in her kitchen like I do. My cow used to belong to my grandmother ´s sister Signe. and up until now I have never seen one like it. (even though I´ve seen this movie many times)
Look below-behind the TV.

PS. Not only does Roberta have a cow on her wall she also lives with one. But that will change eventually when she realizes what an bllleeeeeppp he is.