Little miss teen

The other day during breakfast I found my 5 year old filling in the pattern on the table cloth with an ink pen. I asked what she was doing and she went totally wild on me. Then she hid under her brothers bed and had a tantrum. After a while she climbed up in her bunk bed and calmed down.
An hour later when we where dressing to go to school and the kids where in the elevator. I remembered that Della needed her water bottle for their excursion that day so I ran inside to get it from up in her bed.

Then I found that she had drawn horses, flowers and ballet girls on the wall – up in the bunk bed.
I realized that after her tantrum earlier on – she had climbed up in her bed and continued to draw while I was mad at her for drawing at the table cloth. (Oh the nerve…). When I confronted her about it she said.
– I am so sorry mum. I will never draw on my sheets again!
That I had missed.

I later made her rub the ink of the wall even though I thought it looked quite cool and beautiful.
But damn it is so hard sometimes.
Knowing how to act, react and simply just be the best parent possible.



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May 6, 2012 at 23:22

Indeed, so very very hard sometimes…but it sounds like you did an excellent parental job!
Isabelle: I try and try again.

May 7, 2012 at 00:14

Men du, du är ju känd för att ta kreativiteten in i barnens rum. Tror du inte lite att hon kan ha svårt att förstå skillnaden på att du gör schabloner eller grafitti hos någon på tv, och att hon målar djur i sitt eget rum?

Vår match i hemmet blev oavgjort. Vi bestämde att hon får inte rita på några väggar och möbler i hemmet förutom de som är hennes. I hennes rum är hon den kreativa och där får hon rita. Förvånansvärt nog blev hennes ritande på väggar och sängar då mer genomtänkt och mindre tecken på uttråkning.

Isabelle: Nja hon vet vad som är ok och inte. Hon ville bara testa gränser. Big time. Jag tycker faktiskt det är ganska kul fast det gör mig galen samtidigt.

May 7, 2012 at 06:44

I’ve had to deal with the exact same thing and yes, it’s definitely hard to know how to react. On one hand I get it – the urge to be creative has no boundaries, on the other hand – that’s my stuff! Why would you draw all over it when it costs me money?! hehe. Good luck :)
Isabelle: shes just testing boundaries I suppose – she has to try it on someone – better be me right?

May 7, 2012 at 12:35

I absolutly know this situation and how one feels in the very thick of things…
I did a parents-training recently. It was called “Strong parents – strong kids”.

And, what should I say?
Did it help for these situations???

But it was interesting as well…

Try this:
Catch a breath.
Ask yourself: “What happend?”
Answer yourself: “Shit happend.”
Catch a breath again and continue reacting.


Isabelle: I love the did it work sentence! thanks for support!