Jenny´s DOS in May

Summer has finally arrived in Sweden!
Here are some things that have made it to my list this month. Things that I  recommend you to try!
All photos by me, Jenny Brandt

Get your face did!
We have many birthday parties coming up this summer. And there is no doubt about it- it is hard coming up with good ideas for presents. Around here kids have way more toys then they could ever need. ( my own included.)

There is one thing that we don´t like being without though and it´s face paint. Especially in the summer. Jens and Viola go all in as you know but I´m not that good at it and stick to making dots like on Thea above. (Photographed for the party book).

It´s a great gift for any kid 3 years of age or older. We buy our stuff at Maskeradspecialisten. Don´t forget  sponge and brush!



Don´t let the dream die!
Just one day left of May and nothing has been planted. No worries. Even though I´ve given up on potatoes this year I am still going to sow/plant stuff like: Tomatoes. Sallad. Spices. Carrots and corn. The garden above (from last summer) belong to my mother in law. She is a hardcore gardener and I´m sure there are lots of things ready to be eaten in her garden already.


Play Yatzy with Death!
No no  just kidding. I don´t think you should.  That´s not even Death, that´s just Åke.

But seriously -Yatzy, such a great game. I am so tired of wordfeud on the phone. I want to play for real. At least then you can tell if someone´s been cheating.  If you are planing any picnics this summer I definantly  think you should throw a set of Yatzy in your picnic basket. You can play it anywhere with both kids and adults.

My kids go bananas over baby animals. They want to pet them, hold them and adopt them.

Early summer months like these are perfect for baby-animal-spotting. They are everywhere now. Calves and foals in paddocks. Babybirds screaming for food from their nest. Puppies, kitties, chickens at friends houses.  And baby deer in the wild. If you go to a petting zoo you´ll find lots of cute dudes there too. They are so sweet and even though I´m allergic I really like being around them.

But you might miss them if you don´t pay attention. So do, they are worth it.


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May 31, 2012 at 20:46

men du, jag älskar yatzy! och fingerfärg…ja, eller vattenfärg… en gång målade jag ett barn, minns inte vilket, men pigmentet i vattenfärgen var så starkt att det knappt gick att tvätta bort. hmmmm, kanske skall skaffa lite hudvänligt trots allt ;)

Jenny Brandt
May 31, 2012 at 20:48
– In reply to: kollijox

Jaa! Yatzy är så ball