A saturday on the road

Degefors Steel. Love the letters.

My candy outfit. If I travel across country to be on stage to give a talk, I feel I have to dress the part.

Sometimes it’s hard being a vegetarian. First decent food I found was at 1600 hours and it was a Pizza.
I then got a sms from home, apparently Beppe got some new friends or new set of family.

7 hours on a train today. I am glad the sequel to The Circle is out. This one is called Fire! One thing I do not get is why all these kind of books (hunger games, twilight etc.) has to be called youth novels. They are about younger people but ?

When I passed the subway stop Slussen in Stockholm this morning I had to think about the Beastie Boys concert in 1995. I had jumped around for hours. I was sweaty and so tired I had to sit at the subway stop for like 30 minutes before heading home (And this was when I was in shape as a semi pro basket baller and I lived 5′ from the station). I was so happy and kind of euphoric! What a great concert and what a great band!



Also – watch this tribute by Coldplay! I am amazed by people who’s got the talent to just make a little tribute in half a day!

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May 6, 2012 at 12:31

Men Isabelle! Var du i Degerfors? Var föreläste du? Önskar jag vetat innan. Fina bilder som vanligt.
Mette – j jag borde ha skrivit om det – jag var i Karlskoga igår och tog en pizza i degefors.
Next time! – isabelle