Neighbor love weekend

These aliens went to the cinema with me saturday.

Ben 10 and destroys all aliens – Star wars felt like a rom com compared to this movie.
It was so violent. Crazy.

Dellas friend- Havanna lives in the house next to ours and they have been talking about building a rope way between their windows.

But when I threw out the rope – it bounced back and smashed our neighbors window. I almost peed in my pants when it happened. But 35 is a pretty fashionable age to crash a neighbors window for the first time in your life. He was quite angry.

So then I did the rope way from a balcony instead and it worked fine.

I also had time to take the kids to the dentist. All they talked about with her was candy. As it happened we went to one of Swedens largest candy supplier – candy king, their head quarters before seeing the dentist. Not the best decision as a parent – I suppose.