My week – Isabelle


Time flies when you are having fun and last week have been a crazy one.

I did this big photo shoot. It was so much fun. This is what I looked like before going to bed – like a drag queen de luxe. Now I want to be a movie star – filming with big lights, pro make up and all.

On our door

I felt part of a scary movie one night – waking up and wanting a glass of water. Like the stuff from the evil kid next door to Andy in Toy Story suddenly laid in our kitchen…

Yesterday I worked at another Bomässa. This time in Norrköping.
This was the roof at the restaurant. So cool.

Simple things like this Robot is what I make with the kids at the fair!

Saturday I went All-in at a big toystore. A, in my opinion, useless Barbie water park (you can do one thing with it) and this Pirate ship. Beppe jumped up and down for hours. He was so happy. We have to put it on a chair next to his bed- every night.
Otherwise in Sweden we go crazy, for different reasons, about the new Lego for girls.

Thursday night we celebrated Äntligen Hemmas 31 season on TV. More than 500 million viewers over the years and almost 98,5 of the Swedes has seen the show. At the party there was a room where you could kneel down and pray for Martin Timell who has been with the show from the start. I did 4 years at Äntligen Hemma.

The dream team together at last!
We have all been so busy so it was nice just to spend some time with the 4 of us.

Friday there was a big show at Dellas school. They ended with a Lordi tune since one of the teachers is from Finland. I thought the kids where gonna faint from all head banging.



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Jenny Brandt
March 12, 2012 at 16:24

Så skönt att höra från dig Isabelle , jag har undrat så vad du har hållt på med =)

March 14, 2012 at 23:23

Hi is that an Argentinian wine Villa Santa in the fourth photo?
Very cool photos and your blog is very down to earth and creative!