Jenny´s DOS in March

March for me has been about C-vitamin, shorts, locating my old laundry pins and providing fist aid to brutally picked flowers.
Photos by me, Jenny Brandt. Jenny´s DOS in January and Jenny´s DOS in February

Blinded by the white!
I have the whitest legs known to mankind, if there is any shade in them at all it´s blue. And every year people tell me “it´s only because you never wear shorts”. Even though I think my legs are unable to tan- I ´m going to give it a try. On the warmest days of March I´ve been sitting outside in shorts-NO tights.


Damage Control
Finally spring is here and the flowers are popping up outside. And sure enough- as soon as they get their little cute faces above the ground there is a chubby little kids hand there to pick them. My kids love to pick flowers but I only let them if they do put them in water. I´ve been stocking up on small vases and shot glasses -ready to keep the small bouquets alive, for the family to enjoy!


Hang´em High!
I´ve already started to hang things out to dry. We are hopelessly addicted to our dryer in the winter, our basement is just to cold and scary for me to hang clothes in and therefore everything goes through the dryer. To compensate for this reckless behavior I hang almost all of our laundry outside during spring and summer. PS:The kitchen cloth above is from my friend Sara´s garden, not mine.


Lemon Water
It´s been impossible for me to walk past lemons in the supermarket lately. And even though I ´ve been buying them for their looks first hand, I´ve also started to add lemon to our water. We now take lemon water to all our snacks. Yummy in the tummy.


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