Champagne – please

Yesterday we went to a champagne house party. Staffan and Sofia had invited 90 persons to their 69 square meter big apartment. Luckily for us (and the neighbors) not all of the invited showed up. A great idea though, just to invite friends and everyone brings a bottle of champagne or Cava!
I even bought this new dress. Shiny and pink just the way I like it!

Before the party me and Erik went to dinner at Den Gamle & Havet -fantastic food. The best in a long time. I had pasta frutti di mare which is my favorite dish if I could choose. I should have taken more photo’s at the party. Of the mustaches, the good looking people and the ones who crashed but I had to much fun actually enjoying it all. Need to go out more!

Today I feel like this. My hubby is watching very strange shows on the tellie, we where supposed to clean the house but I think I just going to go out and by some books instead.
Hope your Sunday is swell?

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March 26, 2012 at 13:32

Åh Champagne! Längtar efter det och lite tid med vännerna hemma. Snart på väg hem från föräldraledigt i Thailand i två månader… fick inspiration till det av dig bland annat. Det bästa vi gjort tror jag! Är klänningen Greta? Varit sugen på en länge men inte blivit någon. Kul med ny färg på håret också. Skulle jag behöva, trött efter all sol. Oj vad långt det blev. Hejsvejs.
Isabelle: ja hej hej tack och kul. Det va grymt att va på fest. ja håret har varit nytt ett år ;-) nu men känns fortfarande bra. Hoppas thailand blir fint