February 29th

All you “getting it done at the last minute-people” will so understand how happy I was this morning when I realized that it is still February.

Many times in my life I´ve changed the time on my clock to 20 minutes or so early hoping that this will get me a good head start in the morning. Making me think “Oh my is it 6.50 already, I better hurry!” but since the time has been altered it´s really just 6.30 and I show up in time to where ever I was going to be on that specific day.

However since I ,myself, is the one playing the trick on me this rarely works. (a few times maybe, when I´ve woken up in the middle of the night and in my dazed state decided to “play the trick” on me)

And since I´ve missed that is´t leap year this year I had given up on a few things that I had promised myself I would get done before February ends. And now I get a second chance. Yeay!
Have a splendid leap day you deserve it!