History of things

I believe the best way to decorate is to surround yourself with stuff you fall in love with, things that could tell a tale. Here are some histories from my home.

Della made this when she was about 1,5 years old. We thought she was a prodigy. Making a face and body at that age. It didn’t happen again in like 2 years so I guess it was one lucky shot. I still love it. My father then made a frame for it out of old rulers.

I love Brazil. I have been there lots of times. The people, the culture all the beauty and happiness – Adorei! I believe (in a dorky kind of way) that I must have been Brazilian in a former life – thats how conected I feel. The Corcovado glows in the dark and the cow is from Minas Gerais.
The Beaded Doll is from South Africa and have a totally other story.

A couple of years ago I was into lace prints. I made it on everything – sneakers, curtains etc. And I bought these plastic containers and lay lace around then sprayed the pattern. A simple DIY. I sold loads of them at a bazaar in 2002.

This is the first thing I ever crochet and it’s typically me. I start, then realize I got a hang of it then move on. Already consider myself a crochet pro…. when it’s actually not even finished.

This magnetic pincushion my father got me as a Christmas gift. He always gives me tools. Great.

The drawing on the left is my and Erik made by a Japanese Guy in Tokyo.  He made lots of them but this one was the best. We had such a great time in Japan and this drawing always put a smile on my face. Then I turned it into this DIY Canvas.

I did a Tv show called Sommartorpet where we turned an old house into a livable vacation home. (watch a best of video – here). Typical from this part of Sweden where we filmed are these wooden horses called Dalahästar. We got some unpainted ones and this is what Della made out of it.

This madame I saw at an antique fair. I didn’t buy it and went back home. But then I got the buying fever and just had to have it. Called my father, who drove me all the way back. I remember how I ran back inside and it was all mine. She looks so content and so am I!

xxx Isabelle



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January 25, 2012 at 17:28

Håller med dig Isabelle till 110 %! Omge sig med saker som man älskar – way to go, oavsett VAD man älskar.

Gillar ALLT på bilderna, men den lilla Della(n)´s teckning med din pappas urfina ramidé får extra stilpoäng i min bok!

Och din åtråvärda dam – jag känner igen mig i måste-ha-känslan. Dessutom har jag en liknande dam, min har blått hår. Men hon är så fin så hon får ligga kvar i prylgarderoben för det mesta. Lite synd kanske?

Keep up och allt det där! :)


January 25, 2012 at 20:25

Oh my! I love that pincushion (the magnetic ones are normally so ugly) but I can’t read the branding. Do you know who made it? X

January 30, 2012 at 21:09

Vilket härligt inlägg! Håller med och blir så inspirerad att det kanske tom blir ett inlägg på det snart.

Tack Hanna!Det ser vi fram emot