Chickenpox in the house

While Jenny has been decorating this weekend (she send me some images- it looks fab!)
My family had some medieval times at home. Or that is what I think of when I see my kids.
“Miserable times with a dose of The Plague look-a-like illness”(at least they don’t smell).
So a total lockdown at home means:

First you have to rearrange everything in your house around the TV. Now three days later we have watched maybe 20 movies already. This is my version of trying to make them eat some proper food.

When it’s too late for a apple a day keeps the doctor away – It’s ok to go all in with the sweets.
Something we have been exploring alot.

Wear funny hats!
This trick I learned about a half year ago. Put some flour in a plastic bag and keep in your freezer. Great when the kids hurts themselves or have itching problems. We have been sitting like this for 24 hours now.

Watch Barbie swim.  Taking baths (with some bicarbonate in the water) helps for the itching.

Yes we are not feeling too well but luckily it’s all gonna go away soon.
xxx Isabelle

While sitting at home I am dreaming about travels. Do you have a favorite hotel that you can recommend. A well designed, kids friendly, with a pool, good food, great ambiance maybe more than splendor? Would love to hear about it! Thanks!


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Jessica O
January 29, 2012 at 23:40

I remember in the late 70’s getting chickenpox with my 2 sisters & 1 brother, my poor mother. I do remember sneaking off to the pantry to scratch my face….since that was my “hiding space”. It left a scar but my mother told me that it was “natures beauty mark” and then I felt better.

Thinking of a vacation….Spain sounds good right now.

Isabelle: “natures beauty mark” – love it – Thanks!

January 30, 2012 at 01:09

Åhh, you have it too now. It’s always around, chickenpox.
My oldest got it during Christmas, then my youngest eight days later, then myself a few more days later…

Make a note of it (I suppose blogging is as good a note as ever), my mum didn’t quite remember – so I had chickenpox at forty. No fun at any age, absolutely no fun at mine. :-[

But exactly a week after breakout we were all in the clear. Few scars/spots here and there but nothing that won’t go away (I imagine). :-)

Isabelle: I’m happy they both got it at the same time and even more happy I had it when I was a child.

January 30, 2012 at 21:06

Yeah, chickenpox suck.. Remember having them when I was 13 years old, it was so irritating, as I had always thought that only really small kids have them :(
Anyway, just returned from spring-like UK and it was pretty awesome there. No snow and no – 20C, like here in Northern part of Europe :)

Isabelle: Can imagine at 13 it’s not really cool in any way to have it.

February 14, 2012 at 10:27

I suppose Chicken pox is far away now … but if you still think about travek a great hotel : been there in june few years ago … dream about going back …