Birds out & about town

Friday night me and my friend Sofia had dinner with our families and then left to party.
My daughter Della just said well go for it
-I’m just happy you are not going on date night – as in that Erik would join as well.
She wondered what we where going to do so late. I had to say dancing.

We started of at the opening evening for a Anton Corbijn exhibition at the museum
Fotografiska. A fantastic place and a great exhibition. If in Stockholm – you have to go there!
The black in those photo’s – Jenny how do you make that?

This is what we looked like. We had to call ourselfs the Panty Girls since we had almost the same shade on. Or actually the stockings I have in my hair (yes it is stockings) is probably the same as Sofia is wearing. And no we didn’t call to each other to match up but maybe we should have had.

This is what I looked like at 0400 h Saturday morning. (And no – I am not sleeping in this pic.)
It was funny though cause we went to this other after party and they played almost the same tunes as back in the days when I was out every night, I saw the same people and I danced all night. Now two days after I still can’t feel the ball of my feet and this Spotify playlist is going on repeat at home as a reminder.
It was great!