Place a bid on my Fixa Rummet tool bucket! All for a good cause.

Right now there is a very good thing going on in – it’s Musikhjälpen time.
3 hosts – Jason, Gina and Kodjo, are stuck in a room without real food for a week broadcasting radio and tv and doing their best for raising money. This year they are supporting “Girls right to get an education”.

If you want to help it’s now possible to place a bid for my Tool Bucket from Fixa Rummet.

It’s special made for the show, purple and I have used it in all of the Fixa rummet show. You will also get some purple tools.
All the money goes to this good cause.

And it’s an exellent christmas gift – n’est ce-pas?

So lets get this bidding started!

(My daughter Della hopes it gonna go for 40 000 SEK – I simply cross my fingers!)