New York day 3 – Swedish House Mafia

New York is just as awesome as it is in the movies. But the highlight of our trip took place yesterday, backstage, at the Madison Square Garden when the DJ-trio Swedish House Mafia did their show.

I can not tell you about this without it sounding a bit corny, but I can´t help myself, it was so impressive and this is definitely something that I will tell my grandkids about , and everyone else who will listen. (Like the girl that I just ordered my morning coffee  from.) Jens makes the artwork for one of the members, Axwell, and they are also old friends. So this was one show we did not want to miss.

Backstage had everything you could expect: champagne , food, celebrities , big guards and even royalty.


Ear plugs! a must that Axwell´s mother did not seem to have.

Getting there was half the fun. Rushing through NY traffic with the Dj´s and getting escortet backstage made me pinch my arm.

Close to 20 000 people

Jens got to see his work on many Tshirts.

It was quite an adventure. See the last 15 minutes here!


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December 17, 2011 at 15:42

You look fantastic! And yes- I am still jealous!

December 18, 2011 at 21:32

Aah… Jenny, Jenny…
Du vet hur jag känner. :)