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Oh Jenny is such a jet-setter – from Skåne to NYC to the magazine Sydsvenskan.
Here is an interview that was featured last weekend. I think the text capture a lot of their family.
Love Violas answer: I am a swimmer when talking about what they all “do”.

(Below I Google translated it for you – Words: Hanna Wellin. Photos: Jenny Leyman)
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Ett Hem med humor

Details, colors and furnishings are changed all the time. But the sink remains hopelessly wobbly year in and year out.
Both Jenny and Jens Brandt Green’s everyday life and work revolves around aesthetics. It will be nice, funny and clever. Not finished, decent and perfect.
Skårby. The house is frame. The actual starting point. Inside the front door opens to 120 square meters of family and work. For the same room as the kids throwing bricks and dressed dolls working parents. And a nylackerad lampshade above the kitchen table can be hung up because it’s stylish, but equally well to the site will professionally.

– This is where everything happens, says Jenny Brandt.

She is a photographer by profession and an active blogger. Together with Isabelle McAllister, who is currently seen in SVT’s “Fix the room”, she runs her interior design blog Dos Family. Jens Grönberg is an illustrator and has his office on the second floor.

– I myself am a swimmer, said six-year daughter Viola Brandt Grönberg.

Little brother Frank Brandt Grönberg has not chosen profession. He is two years and has not yet begun at the preschool as a parent or both is always at home.

– We bought the house cheaply to avoid drawing on our high costs. We wanted to get by on low incomes and instead have more time, says Jenny Brandt.

Today, five years later, they acknowledge that it has worked well. The house in the small village between Skurup and Ystad is the basis for the entire family’s life. Here is a place for Jenny all projects: flea market furniture, painted and clothed about, walls filled with Jens own posters and wall hangings, crafts compositions and refurbished lamps. Interior Projects is Jenny’s passion, but also livelihoods.

– I plates what I do and post on the blog. It is my storefront. That is how I get my photo assignments. The response from readers, we have 3000 a day, also makes it fun to continue. I mean, we’ve never guests now that we live like this in the country, so no blog had not seen what I’m doing.

She retrieves a brown mailbox. A gift from a Swiss reader, filled with old Big Jim dolls. Yet she does not know where to go, but all around the house are small installations of favorite gadgets, often of American 50th century or junk culture twist. As the new spice rack in the kitchen, repainted and papered inside, filled with more fun gadgets and characters than the spice jars.

Kitchen cabinets are pink, the pantry is an old tool box of sheet metal, interior spray painted the same pink tone.

– But check this, says Jenny Brandt, and wiggle the virrvarrmönstrade kitchen counter:

– It is still loose and has been there forever. That’s what makes me so sick of myself. I agree on how much you like with various home projects, but are hopeless at doing things like that properly.

The house is from 1945 when they moved in was upstairs still an uninsulated attic. Nowadays fit bedroom, office, Viola pink prylsamlarrum and a hall with toys.

– I had never even screwed in a screw before. But now it’s always something related to the house to be fixed. You learn, says Jens Grönberg.

Not much is purchased new. Basically everything is block-and flea market finds. But even if the furniture and furnishings not cost in money, the cost in time. Jens says that they have had time to replace the sofa eight times in five years.

– The one we have now is large and consists of so many different parts that I had to go to Lomma five times to get home all, he says.

For Jenny Brandt is playful decor, both their own and in the homes she shows in the blog, also a kind of understatement. Family life must not be surrounded by rugged sinks in brand new kitchen, nysvabbade floor and picked away laundry piles.

– It’s probably a bit of my revenge. In Abbekås where I grew up it was always neat and tidy in the home, but I want to show that you can live differently. Maybe we’d rather build with Lego than cooking at the right time.

Can not the aesthetic puttered around and project force also be a status factor?

– I do not want to contribute to performance anxiety, there is absolutely no sense, says Jenny.

– When we moved into the home actually looked like a dump, says Viola, as determined by course:

– We actually have the craziest house I’ve ever seen. Super Mario and ET-glass and stuff. That does not look at anyone else.

3 tips for fun decor:

First Get to know a car painter! Perfect for getting furniture sprayed as new.
Second Decorate for the moment, not for ten years in the future.
Third Do not fitting too seriously. It gets so boring if everything is thought out and “mature”
Jenny Brandt, 32, Jens Grönberg, 36, and children Viola and Frank Brandt Grönberg, 6 and 2 years.
House from 1945 to Skårby between Skurup and Ystad.
Because they prefer to paint on and find new interior design projects than screw the skirting boards.
Because they prefer to paint on and find new interior design projects than screws baseboards.

More images from the mag here