My Thursday – Isabelle

My thought was to make a photo every hour but just a moment into my day I already had forgotten about it. But this is what ended up in my cameras.

My kids has been sleeping to 07.30 all week! It has never happened before. But of course it’s going to be wintertime on Sunday so by then we will be back to ealry birdy again.

It’s been a very strange autumn indeed. Not really had any flow. In this interview from this summer I am saying – Oh it’s so good I probably brake a leg or something…
Well yeah..
But this morning I am standing next to my hubby. We are both brushing our teeth and I feel good. So good – just standing there in our messy bathroom sharing a moment before a hectic day.

Mornings are not my thing. I am so doing my best to get to work on time but this week I have been totally hopeless. Hate the feeling of running into our set, catching my breath and feeling stupid of doing the same thing yet another day.

We have been shooting in a really beautiful place. Since I live in the city I sometimes miss the change of seasons. My phone didn’t catch all the lovely colors but you still get a bit of the Twin Peaks vibe.

During the day I got this mms from my producer. Apparently the post office likes us. It’s enough just to write  “Isabel i Fiksarumet på Bolebopa” and we get the letter. For a moment I felt like Santa Claus.

You may think working with TV is a glamorous job. But look at our homemade speaker booth. Works like magic though.

I know how to make lots of stuff but knitting and crochet has not been one of those things. But this week Ruben, 8 years learned me how to! I feel this is my next thing. So relaxing.

On my way from work I got a call from my friend Sofia wanting to grab a bite. By default I turned her down just because all autumn has been so weird I haven’t had the time or energy to do anything out of my routine. But heey thats no life so I called her back and we got together. A very good choice indeed! But Wagamama in Stockholm have to make their homework. It was not ok. My ramen tasted like the smell of a stable.

We are entering darker times now. I don’t know if I am ready for it. I close my eyes and think about skiing. It helps.

That was all folk’s.
Kisses and have a great week end!


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October 28, 2011 at 23:05

I know the feeling of running every morning …getting the kids ready for school…trying to be on time at my job…and indeed sometimes i really don’t understand why i do this every morning.
Nice 2 c u r doing fine. I like your work…

an old friend from Belgium,
Inge xxx

October 29, 2011 at 11:31

Gulligt med brevet och pussen längst ner. Kul ibland att dokumentera en helt vanlig ovanlig dag på det viset.