My bag after a week on set

Remember the old blog battle about showing of the content in your bag? Since i never did that back then, I was thinking that i could do it right now. So here is my things after a week on Fixa Rummet set.

In the swedish classic Fjällräven bag, you can carry a lot. And it´s true, all the things in this picture fits into the bag. Love it! But anyways, yesterday I was carring around, one laminating machine (yes, Isabelle it´s for you!) a hairdryer, that i didn´t use to dry hair with! My green skeatchbook, and a folder from a spa, this week on set has mad my neck 5 cm shorter (or so it feels!)

My lovley wallet is with me every where I go. I think it´s from Svenskt Tenn or maybe Malmstens. A new one costs about 500 SEK, i bought mine for 0.50 SEK in a Second Hand store in Gislaved. It should have cost 1 SEK, but that day it was half price on bags in the store! Best buy ever!

My keys are also with me all the time, this is a great DIY, buy this old boring keychains and instead off just writing on them, put a picture in it, this is a mouth from the old famous wallpaper made by Cole and son.

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September 10, 2011 at 14:41

Wow, that was a lot of stuff, love the keyrchain with the fornasetti mouth.