Birds flying high you know how I feel

5 years old today- little miss Potter.
Loves horses, Eric Saade and she still wants to be a musketeer.

I am thinking of her long strong legs, how she is so damned determined and her dimples.
I hope she gets at least 200 more years.

Also in my  thoughts are the affected ones in Norway ♥♥♥

And also the major crisis in Africa.
I am watching and crying from  terrible images and stories about parents who has been forced to leave their kids behind, weak families, hungry families.
Let’s help them get kids who also stands a chance of beeing  5.

Please think about giving and sharing your good fortune!

Röda korset: Sms:a AKUT TORKA till 72900 kronor för att skänka 100 kronor.
Rädda Barnen eller Sms: skicka 10KATASTROF (10 kr) eller KATASTROF (50 kr) eller BARN (200 kr) till 72950.
Plan Sverige Sms:a KATASTROF till 72910
Unicef: Sms:a Liv till 72900 och du skänker 50 kronor

To donate:

If you are in the US you can also call 1.800.486.4233

Lots of love



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AprillAprill Johanna
August 5, 2011 at 23:27

Tänker också på detta mycket, mycket.. Ofta kommer tankarna krypande när jag lägger barnen och dagens sus har lagt sig. Hur tacksam man är över sitt “skyddade” liv samtidigt som man känner skuld att man lever i denna parallela värld när fasansfulla saker sker på andra sidan jordklotet. Eller i närmsta grannland. Alla dessa mammor, pappor, barn, syskon och vänner som drabbas världen över, det gör bara ont.

long miles coffee project
August 7, 2011 at 12:08

Thank you for this, a great reminder even for us, living right around it all.