Timo´s Room

Remember Irma´s playhouse? Well today I wanted to show you her older brother Timo´s room.

Timo is 9. He loves LEGO and Wii. And he was nice enough to let me take a closer look at his room.

If you like stuff, you might want to consider some good storage solutions. Timo has stuff everywhere: Inside, on top and underneath furniture.
He wasn´t too keen on talking storage (crazy I know; I love to talk storage, thought everybody did) so I had a look around on my own.

I found a red and white box filled with plastic heros.

Timo´s mom like to buy tin cans and Timo don´t mind filling them up.

Do you need something to protect yourself with? Just grab an random item out of this crate.

Some things are nice enough to keep on display, like Bionicles and your own name.

Boxes behind the door for magazines and Lego-catalogs.

Bags on the bedpost holds toys and projects. And someone told Chewbacca: “Paws up! Freeze” and he obeyed.

Stickers are nicely stored on the door. Genius.

I bet Leia has some great storage solutions at her flat. Would love to see it.

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July 1, 2011 at 00:27

Bara älskar fotona på denna blogg! Och motiven, färgerna! Inspirerande!

Caroline – http://wwwaddell.com | world wide waddell

Jenny svarar: Tack! vad kul att höra

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