Tagging along

I´ve been hanging out quite alot with the girls over at Havtorn Design lately. Or with their kids to be more exact. You´ve already seen Irma´s playhouse, but I never gave them a proper introduction.

Kicki and Emme had the shop Havtorn Design together, with blog.  Kicki is no stranger to you. I´ve repeatedly barged into her house with my camera. It all started with a  Visit of her home
This month we will take a look at the kids: Vera, Timo and Irma´s rooms at Kicki´s house. And Emme´s daughter Agnes will take me to see lots of fun stuff at her grandmother´s house.

Thank you for letting me tag along, documenting pieces of your life!
Last time we took a closer look at the creative duo over at Deer Dot.

Havtorn Design hired Viola and me to shoot their dresses last fall.