Morning in my house-Jenny

Before I turned on the computer this morning I took my camera for a walk around the house, and this is what we wanted to linger on to.

Viola´s desk

Christmas lights that get to stay lit all year.

A large selection of Garbage Pail Kids

Little Bo Peep, by Viola

Our shelf

Viola´s drawings and some Danish royalties

Frank´s toys

We keep these villains locked up in a cabinet.


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when skies are grey
April 13, 2011 at 14:32

I still have a stack of Garbage Pail Kids cards from when I was a kid!! So cool to see them, I was a big fan :) Love the shots from the rest of your place too.

Jivin Sister Fanny
April 13, 2011 at 18:23

Like we would say in the Netherlands: your places looks ‘gezellig’

I picked this from Wiktionary: “One possible aspect of gezellig can be translated into cozy, but it is most definitely not the entire meaning of the word gezellig. Cozy would in turn best translate into the Dutch knus. However, depending on the context, cozy could sometimes better be translated into gezellig. Maybe something to add is that gezellig is a description of an atmosphere or ambiance, in the company of others, which is friendly, fun, pleasant, cozy, sociable. I would have to add though that even this attempt at translation is inaccurate, as these English words have a more implicit meaning.”

Is there a Swedish translation for ‘gezellig’?

Jenny: Jivin Sister Fanny, Thank you. THe word that commes to mind is: MYSIG. However that is translated COZY….
Sounds like gezellig is a word that should be useful to have both in english and swedish..