Nesting-Let´s make a scrap wall

Scrap books are always fun but I get a bigger kick out of a wall filled with magazine rip-outs and personal photographs.
And it is so easy to do, especially if you are the type to rip out stuff from magazines.  Or the type of person that holds on to old memorabilia like concert tickets, letters and kids drawings.

A kitchen wall in Ungt Blod´s home. See more photos from her home here!
and go see her blog here!

A cabinet door in my home. A mix of pages from magazines and old photographs ,that I usually keep in a box, where no one gets to see them.

This wall belongs to a teenager I went to visist in Nebraska this Christmas.



What is Nesting on Dos Family?

When I am out visiting people I see so many “good Ideas” that I collect with my camera. It can be neat everyday things like clever storage solutions for your clothes or just fun decor.
Small things that give your home a little more swag or simply make it more efficient.

The ones I am drawn to are often thrifty and pretty effortless and I hope you find them just as inspiring.
Also all of them are photographed by me or Isabelle. And sometimes they are from our own homes.


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March 2, 2011 at 12:21

O WAW. When I was young I had a wall like that. I changed it often so different moods could shine.

March 2, 2011 at 20:45

i did it in my toilets!!!! so funny…my friends visit it every time they come in my house!!!! ;o)

Josefin Haga
March 8, 2011 at 17:26

I still have a big box with my black and white photos that I had on my wall at my first”flat” – I had a dream that I once would live with my own private toilet and put them up again on in that room – I have been living with some one since then – and here in spain they dont have painted walls – and my man dont understand the idea…But I dont want to keep it anyway – its like representing THE TIME I did live on my own….

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