More lace things – DIY.

Last summer I made a TV program for Swedish Television –SVT called Hemma Hos... (at home with…)
We visited different well known swedish artist and threw a party. I made the decorations.
With the same technique as the lace lamp I also made napkin rings and I made a smaller ball (round a normal sized baloon).
For the napkin rings I used a glue bottle as mould (just find one with a good size – that bottle was made of plastic wich then made it easier to detach the cloth).
The small ball made nice decoration but I thought it could be used as a vase (just put a glas or littel jar inside) or maybe for a small candle.
I am still at our little cottage – so I couldn’t find more photo’s but I will post them later.

I also made these tealight holders out of old paper from a book and handmade paper.
Just use a wine glass, cut paper to a corn just let out that the tip of the paper is at the top of the glass (less burning risk).
Looks lovely when lighten.

The artist we where visiting at his home that week is called Timo Räisinen check him out!


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Alessandra Busilacchio
January 10, 2011 at 19:38

I was sorry not to be able to see the tv preview that really sounded great!
In any case great blog!

January 11, 2011 at 18:30

I love your lace creations! There is something about lace doilies that is so applealing. I recently made some cushion covers with vintage lace doilies as the main feature. I posted them on my website/blog 24 Nov.

January 13, 2011 at 22:03

Åh jag kommer ihåg att jag letat och letat efter detta avsnittet för jag ville se hur du gjorde när du klädde stolarna, med muddtyg eller hur?

Finns det att se någonstans??

Du är helt fantastiskt inspirerande och oj vad min 5åring sitter klistrad framför ert program, han är en liten minimelker så jag får nog fixa en fixarverkstad till honom snart!