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Today’s guest blogger: Rachel Denbow
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Hi, I’m Rachel Denbow from SmileAndWave.  I spend my days with a 3 year old and six week old making messes and having fun.  I’m a part of the art collective, Red Velvet Art, and find so much satisfaction in making and sharing things with the online community.  Seeing as Isabelle has just had a baby and Jenny is about to, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite things to do with those old maternity shirts that none of us want to keep in the closet, although sometimes they are still the only thing that fit!

Once you’re ready to say goodbye, find a cotton baby hat and take it apart to use as a basic pattern.  If you don’t have one available mine measured about 14″ x 7″ when laid flat. You’ll need a little V-shape notch at both ends that measures in about 1″. Place your pattern on top of your shirt and cut out your shape so that you have two pieces.
Fold each notch in half with right sides facing each other and stitch them together.  This will help form the rounded top of your hat.  Continue until all four notches have been stitched.
Lay your two pieces with right sides facing together and notches matching up and pin.  Starting a little above the middle of one side, stitch all the way around making sure to leave about 2″ open.
Turn your hat right side out and stitch your opening shut.
Fold the half that has the visible stitching from your opening into the other half.  This doubles up your hat for better shape and extra warmth.  Decide if your hat needs to be folded up to make a little brim or not depending on the size of your baby’s head.  If you’ve got a boy, you’re done!
If you’ve got a girl cut a strip of jersey cotton from another shirt or scrap piece that measures about 1″ x 10″ and decided where you’d like to place it on the brim.  Start sewing it on, ruffling it while you go.

Congratulations to you both and a Merry Christmas and holiday season to everyone!








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December 23, 2009 at 00:16

I love this! I wanna make my own!

December 23, 2009 at 17:51

This is such a cute & practical idea. I’ve been smitten with jersey fabric lately, thrift store hunting & all…I knew there would be a good use for it!

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