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Today´s Guest blogger: Mette. Copenhagen, Denmark

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I have been struggling with my Christmas mood this year, not really feeling the spirit of the season.
I didn’t even feel like decorating our apartment this year. On the other hand I just gave birth to my first child a little over a month ago and that has sent me down memory lane. I want to pass on to her some strong traditions that can give her great Christmas memories.

So, for this the 15th of December I will share with you one of my favorite Christmas traditions and childhood memories.

Every Christmas eve, which in Denmark is the big day, instead of the presents being under the tree, Santa Claus would stop by our home and pass around all the presents. I have a very clear memory of the feeling when it knocked on the window and there in the dark was a tall, bearded Santa with bags filled with presents. Its that incredible mix of fear and excitement that so relates to childhood and to Christmas. Later my older sister took over the gig as Santa -it’s her in the first picture- and I, four years younger, was equally scared and excited. Then when i grew older, a new excitement came along: the honor of being Santa for the first time; the weight of that important job.
Now that we are all grown up my sister and I still celebrate most Christmases at our parents house and Santa still visits. As you can see in the other pictures it’s now often my husband who gets the honor and he has added a new element to the task: It’s now a different Santa every year! In the pictures you see Cowboy-Santa of 2005 and Sailor-Santa of 2006, complete with a
tattooed heart reading “svigermor” meaning mother-in-law.

I can’t wait to see which Santa will visit this year for my daughters first Christmas…



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December 15, 2009 at 10:19

Lovely story :) Always funny to see how every culture, but even every family has it’s own traditions.

December 15, 2009 at 21:12

what a wonderful memory, i am really wanting to start a family tradition for my own little family. about the lack of christmas spirit and a new baby, I totally understand. . .everything can get so overwhelming. although i have to tell you that seeing photos of you guys with your baby on your blog makes me so happy, i really am wishing for another little one but we just can’t really handle it right now. have a lovely christmas!

Katherine aka. Urban Flea
December 15, 2009 at 22:26

what a lovely story! and those family christmas photos really are wonderful. i love this season!

xo katherine aka. urbanflea