DIY – Flower stencils.

This week I actually got paid to spraypaint in the Stockholm subway.
Or kind of – I transformed a little room so the staff will have a confy place to eat and hang out.
The guys at the Spraycan store really thought it was funny though.
I’ll show you how a made those stencils.
Step by step. (Oh baby, gonna…. forgot the lyrics – it was New Kids on the block – right? I was so in looove.)

img_1178 img_1182 img_1184
1.Use a print that you like and start from there. This is a pillow I got from Indiska a couple of years ago.
You need stencil plastic. You can buy it in a creative store/art store.
The stencil plastic is firm but easy to cut. And it will hold when the paint comes on it.
If you use like an OH sheet it will break almost at once.
This one you can treat pretty ruff…
2. Draw the shape that you would like as a stencil. I made 2 different sheets. One for each colour.
Like the petals got one sheet and the leafs another.
3. Cut it out – I use a scalpel.

img_0428 img_0431 img_0432

4. Spray the backside of the stencils with non permanent spray glue.
Cause its non permanent it will work as a Post it.
And it sticks really nicely around all the small cuts.
You can normally reuse it for like 5-6 times then you need to spray on more glue.
(I also used some tape cause the sheet was big and the surface uneven so the stencil got heavy.)
5. Spray and lift the stencil.

img_0433 img_0436 img_0440

6. If you need to fill ome gaps or like me paint the whatever its called in the middle of a flower.
Spray some in an empty cup.
The you’ll have liquid paint.

6. Voila c’est fini!


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May 16, 2009 at 09:49

vad snyggt det blev. Som vanligt fint färgval! “Step TWO: there is so much we can do..”

May 16, 2009 at 15:52

Mer sånt här! How too grejjor är bra. :)

May 16, 2009 at 20:27

snajsigt! det där med sprayfärg är verkligen så kanon. perfekt till så mycket. Men detta här ovan var verkligen superfint. Trevlig inspiration!