And suddenly there was a new blog

isabelle säger: (14.34.30)
It’s funny people ask me how it came that we started this blog together?
isabelle säger: (14.34.54)
Mutual love for the internet and tv. Hehe
Jenny brandt säger: (14.34.54)
yeah people have been asking me the same thing…
Jenny brandt säger: (14.35.03)haha
isabelle säger: (14.35.48)
You where very driftig and send me or my daughter Della sweet Sammy Rose tshirts when she was little…
isabelle säger: (14.36.06)
not sweet but supercool
Jenny brandt säger: (14.36.38)
I had seen you on TV many times and when I heard you were having a bay I thought: She is going to like our Tees
Jenny brandt säger: (14.36.45)
a baby
Jenny brandt säger: (14.37.16)
and you did!
Jenny brandt säger: (14.37.20)
ithink.. =)
isabelle säger: (14.37.57)
she had them on like everyday and when they got to big i put a longer tee underneath so they lasted a bit longer – I have to look for a photo.

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Bara Barah
April 22, 2009 at 14:56

Hehehe kul konversation!