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Life At Jenny´s House

Good Morning. Another week has come to an end. This is what it looked like at my house. 1. Lots of snow packed along the roads. 2. Left over from breakfast. 3. Animal printed socks out of control 4. Viola and a friend eating and looking out the kitchen window. 5. This is what they…


Life at Jenny´s House

The weather forecast says there is a storm headed our way. And the kids are staying home from school as a result. Being forced to stay home is the best thing. I love that. People should be snowed in more often. So cozy. The snowing is not too bad now but the wind is hard…


Life at Jenny´s house

Saturday morning at our house. I burnt myself on some damn hot oil yesterday. Now I´m framing pictures with one hand. Lucky for me Jens took the kids swimming. 1. Sneaking up on the master of silly: Leslie Nielsen. Been watching a lot of Police Squad lately. Click here for a clip. 2. Framing myself…