I don´t carry a handbag. My car is my handbag. (When I´m away from my car – my coat is my handbag.)

A dear friend of mine says about her own car: “Jenny! My car is so full of trash my kids and I could survive for weeks if we got stuck in it”

My family would stand the same chances of surviving. Once a friend of Viola found a flat packages in our car, she held it up , saying
Look a pressed flower” Viola took one look at it and said:
No, that´s actually a burger“.

I cleaned out my car the other day. Here are a few items I found:
Lots of leftover snacks. Most of them   All of them unhealthy. (Who I´m I kidding?)
Nail polish. – I always do my nails in the car before taking off. I shout “Fan#!#” when I realize I´v forgotten to fasten my seat belt.
Toys from fast food places. Hair spray (gold) Sticks and stones. A purse with cash (in case I pass a garage sale) Measuring tool ( in case I pass a garage sale)
Sunglasses. Rotten fruit. Medicine and yes that is a urine sample container. And a sugar beet.

Some people wouldn’t  trust a person with a urine sample in their car. Well I don´t trust a person with a clean car. All the alarms go off in my head when I smell that “new car smell” or when I feel I should check the soles of my shoes for dirt before getting in. Or if there is a special bin/bag for trash. Or even worse a “no eating” restriction.

To all my friends with those spotless cars. – Don´t worry- I still love you- but I know you´r all lunatics.